Batch Type Oven

Application :
Powder / Paint Baking , 
                   Teflon Baking , Varnish 
                   Baking & Drying etc..

Conveyorised Powder / Paint Baking Oven

Centrifugal Fan

Range :- (1)
Ventilation series including
                   aerofoil Blading Upto
                   1,50,000 CFM.
High Temperature Fans
                   Upto 400
High Pressure Fans Upto
                   1700 m.m. Of W.g.

Centrifugal Fans Can be Supplied With Radial , Backward & Aerofoil Blades Depending Upon the Application.

Batch Type Powder Recovery Booth

For Powder Coating Plant

Turbine Type Air Exhausters and Blowers

Designed and Engineered to Produce suction from 2 ot 10 inch of Mercury & for air pressure from 1 to 8 PSI (0.07 - 0.56 Kg/m2)


(1) Straight forward design, with no fine internal clearances or wearing parts requiring lubrication.
(2) Air delivery is free from oil, vapour, moisture and other contamination.
(3) Air is also completely uniform and free from pulsation.
(4) Power consumption varies with the volume of air delivered.
(5) No need of relief valve incorporate self unloading.